Planning board to use in a kanban-system

9089-00011 - Flexo-Board set of 5 grey
9089-00012 - Flexo-Board set of 7 grey
9089-00011 - Flexo-Board wall aluminium rail
9089-00011 - Flexo-Board wall distance wheel
9089-00011 - Flexo-Board insert card colored
9089-00011 - Flexo-Board insert card application
9089-00011 - Flexo-Board insert card red
9089-00011 - Flexoboard Schematics

All of the working documentation is stored safely and is easily accessible. Available as a board set with 5 or 7 individual segments optionally. The colour coding of the board segments in combination with the corresponding job pouches, creates a visual aid in the sense of a self-regulating control circuit. The layout of the colours makes it possible to set individual priorities. The Flexo-Board System is suitable for garages and industrial operations as well as logistics companies. The individual segments can easily be attached and detached and be moved on the aluminium rails. Meanwhile the spacer bars keep the boards upright. In addition, the individual segments can even be taken to the workplace. Thus, the mobile boards can also be used for continuous planning of your processes.

• individual labelling through colored signs (weekdays, projects, teams, machines, floors)

• includes a sign-set (3 sheet á 14 signs in colors red, yellow and green)

• within installation material

• Priorisation through colored service boards

• movable single segments through an aluminum slide rail

• single segments with 2 rolls for hanging in and 1 roll for the proximity

• wallprofile made out of high-grade aluminum

• Color: Grey

• PU: 1 pcs

• Download data sheet → 9089-00011_en_EICHNER_Planning_board_to_use_in_a_kanban-system.pdf

Item Number of segments Aluminum slide rail GTIN
9089-00011 5 170 cm 4052301007895
9089-00012 7 230 cm 4052301007888

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9015-00395 - Service board "Turbo" including key pocket

Service board "Turbo" including key pocket

9015-00285 - Service board "Basic" without key pocket

Service board "Basic" without key pocket

9089-00014 - Wall profile

Wall profile

9089-00017 - Labelling sign-set

Labelling sign-set

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