Card case made of pvc-film

9707-00041 - Card case fan
9707-00041 - Card case red
9707-00048 - Card case blue
9707-00049 - Card case white
9707-00041 - Card case with card
9707-00041 - RFID-Logo

Credit and debit card case to keep important and valuable cards safe. They are effectively protected from dust, dirt, scratches or unauthorised reading. These card cases are available in three different colours.

• Made of PVC hard film

• available with thumb notch or with thumb notch and slot

• format: 90 x 59mm

• available in three colours

• PU: 10 pcs

• Download data sheet → 9707-00041_en_EICHNER_Card_case_made_of_pvc-film.pdf

Item Color GTIN
9707-00041 Red 4052301038943
9707-00048 Blue 4052301038950
9707-00049 White 4052301038967

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