PP goods tag set made of weatherproof PP foil

9219-00774 - Goods tag set
9219-00774 - Goods tag set disposal boxed
9219-00774 - Goods tag on wire mesh crate

PP goods tag with six different prints in one set. Complete with a free storage box. Each set contains the following tags: "Closed", "Sample", "Reworking", "Approved", "Examined" and "Neutral". These are highly suitable for labelling your goods and products. They are particularly flexible and sturdy. The printed and waterproof plastic foil is suitable for labelling goods that are exposed to extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations. Rain, sun and wind have no effect on our plastic labels.

• Made of weatherproof PP foil

• various printed texts in one set

• Download data sheet → 9219-00774_en_EICHNER_PP_goods_tag_set_made_of_weatherproof_PP_foil.pdf

Item Color GTIN
9219-00774 Various 4052301029187

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