solution planung
Always leading the way – new ideas are important. That not only means new products but also new production processes, improvement of the product characteristics and expansion of the material range. In this way, our development department is constantly working on how to satisfy your requirements and demands in combination with our ideas and solutions.
solution printer
With our modern machinery, we are able to produce high-quality samples quickly and reliably. That ranges from foil cutting plotters and UV-hybrid printers for plate and roll, to stamping, bending and welding machines. In this way we are able to give you a perfect impression of the final product even before the start of the actual initial production and you have the opportunity to make alterations or improvements at any time.
In addition to the implementation of your product ideas, we also provide further service and logistics solutions. This means we can eg take on the packaging or warehousing for your products. But we also carry out finishing eg thermo-lamination or printing according to your requirements.
We are always looking for international trading partners.
If you are interested please call us or send us an email.

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