The EICHNER Group comprises the companies EICHNER Organisation GmbH & Co. KG and BOI-DOKUTECH GmbH located in Coburg, Germany and Termopol d.o.o. in Sovodenj, Slovenia. It has been family owned for over 85 years and operates with almost 200 employees in numerous industries and niche markets. Our ability to produce diverse organisational solutions and products is the basis for all our business segments. Demanding customers appreciate EICHNER Group companies for being reliable partners, which is why they place their trust in our brands.

Coburg, Germany

The parent company in Coburg is responsible for procurement, sales, marketing as well as the main warehouse. From here, we look after customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Benelux states. Our own production mainly takes care of planning boards and organisational tools. Moreover, we handle the sale of the products from the BOI-Dokutech GmbH subsidiary.


Sovodenj, Slovenia

The EICHNER production site in Slovenia, Termopol d.o.o., has been part of the group since 1994. All kinds of plastic and cardboard products are developed and produced there. Furthermore, Termopol also looks after customers in Macedonia and Croatia as well as the local market. High-quality products made of PP, PVC, PET and cardboard are produced with the existing machinery. Termopol has the option of cost-effectively producing large quantities fully automatically, or individual products in small quantities.


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