Transparent magnetic pocket

9218-03701 - Magnetic bag in different sizes
9218-03701 - Magnetic bag transparent
9218-03700 - Magnetic bag transparent
9218-03701 - Magnetic bag at wall
9218-03701 - Magnetic bag at container
9218-03701 - Magnetic bag water resistant

These transparent magnetic PVC pockets are perfect for outdoor labelling. You can attach your information, e.g. to metal containers, shelves, lattice boxes or machinery with temporary protection against moisture thanks to the zip closure. Four strong, welded magnets secure the pocket to objects. For example, maintenance documents or operating instructions can be displayed easily and clearly.

• magnetic

• with a ziplock band

• transparent PVC film

• Color: Transparent

• PU: 1 pack of 5 pcs

• Download data sheet → 9218-03701_en_EICHNER_Transparent_magnetic_pocket.pdf

Item Size GTIN
9218-03700 DIN A5 landscape 4052301062849
9218-03701 DIN A4 portrait 4052301062856

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