Bevelled-edge magnet

9177-00511 - Bevelled-edge magnet white
9177-00511 - Bevelled-edge magnet at Magnetic wall rail

This extra-strong magnet is the ideal helper to hold important documents quickly and visibly to the magnetic wall bands or onto the self-adhesive ferro-tape. Suitable for use in the office or at home, easy to use, and to remove. The casing is made of shockproof ABS material. One SU contains 20 pieces. Each magnet has a holding power of 0.6kg.

• Slightly eroded surface

• casing made of shockproof ABS material

• holding power: 0.6kg per magnet

• size 30 x 10mm

• Color: White

• PU: 1 pack of 20 pcs

• Download data sheet → 9177-00511_en_EICHNER_Bevelled-edge_magnet.pdf

9177-00511 4052301038004

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