Weather-proof material tags

9219-00775 - Material tags overview colored
9219-00775 - Material tags neutrally red
9219-00776 - Material tags neutrally blue
9219-00777 - Material tags neutrally yellow
9219-00778 - Material tags neutrally green
9219-00779 - Material tags neutrally light-grey
9219-00775 - Material tag red at mesh crate
9219-00775 - Material tag grey at mesh crate

For the quick and easy labelling of all goods and merchandise. The tags are characterised by their high resilience, flexibility and non-fade properties. In addition, the labels are weatherproof and ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor applications. All hanging labels can be inscribed with standard ballpoint pens and always have a pre-punched hole. That makes them even easier to attach and saves time.

• from weather-proof polypropylene-film

• neutral title block for the individual labelling of material tags

• PU: 1 pack of 100 pcs

• Download data sheet → 9219-00775_en_EICHNER_Weather-proof_material_tags.pdf

Item Color GTIN
9219-00775 Red 4052301028500
9219-00776 Blue 4052301028517
9219-00777 Yellow 4052301028524
9219-00778 Green 4052301028531
9219-00779 Light grey 4052301028548

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