Push-in fasteners

9219-00910 - Push-in fasteners green
9219-00910 - Push-in fasteners at cardboard
9219-00910 - Push-in fasteners at card board with Person

Push-in fasteners/box pins with barbed tip, green, for attaching KANBAN pockets, warehouse documents and accompanying documents.
Quick and easy attachment to cardboard or stretch film..
An effective way to label pallets and packaging without having to write on or apply stickers to the entire box. Reusable.

• pins with barbed tip

• length: 12 mm

• Color: Green

• Download data sheet → 9219-00910_en_EICHNER_Push-in_fasteners.pdf

9219-00910 10,000 pcs 4052301044012
9219-00911 1,000 pcs 4052301041318
9219-00912 100 pcs 4052301041325

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